Weir Kar Parts have an extensive range of paints, spray paints, primers, lacquers, hardeners and ancillaries.  Our in store paint mixing service offers 54,000 colours and we can make spray canisters and touch up pens while you wait.

  • 54,000 colours
  • Water based car paints
  • Metallics, pearls and candy flip finishes
  • 2k Industrial paints
  • Commercial synthetic top coats
  • Primers, hardeners and ancillaries
  • Spray cans and Touch Pens made while you wait


  • Selemix
    Industrial 2k, Cellulose Top Coat / 2k Acrylic Top Coat / Fast Drying Enamel / Synthetic Enamel
  • Da-Beer
    Water based Car Paint
  • Pro-Spray
    Water based Car Paint
  • Max-Meyer
    Max Meyer
    Lacquers and Primers